What is gourmet catering?

We market as a gourmet because of the quality of product we use. Unlike most catering services, we take pride in sourcing our products very carefully to ensure everything is organic, non-GMO, grass fed and finished, wild caught, and sustainable. 

How is it healthy?

Our chef understands that quality, fresh products that range in nutritional value is important to our health. Our chef uses her knowledge of nutrition to provide the highest quality meals. This means, not using any products that contain GMOs or artificial ingredients.

We do this because we believe that sourcing all natural is where true health lies. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients with "honest all natural" in mind.



How expensive is catering?

We price our catering with ingredients in mind. If you're looking for a full restaurant quality experience, proper sourcing of ingredients is key. Most catered events can range from $85 to $100 per person. Premium catered events can range from $120 to $250 per person. 


At Home Catering

How does this work?

The chef and their team will arrive onsite with equipment and ingredients. Some items will be prepped early that day, and cooked on site. We will arrive about 2 hours prior to the event to set up table service, and prepare the food.

As your guests arrive, appetizers will be available to them. Our staff will be available for any questions your guests may have.

Depending on the type of event, there will be a main dinner or buffet style, service will be timed as you desire.

Do you have a clean up service?

Clean up will be continuous throughout the event.  At the end of the event, all equipment and food brought by our staff, will be cleaned and removed from the site. All equipment used on site, will be thoroughly cleaned, as if we were never there. 

Is there a clean up fee?

No, clean up is part of our service. We will leave your home looking as how we entered it.


Venue Catering

How does this work?

We offer buffet style catering. For parties looking for guests to serve themselves, we offer a delivery catering option. The menu would be cooked fresh the same day and delivered to your event space. For hot dishes, they would be served in disposable aluminum pans, able to reheat with a sterno. For cold dishes, they would be plated on a disposable tray. 

When do I need to order by?

All orders must be placed 2 weeks prior to event.